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IDML Staff Back Row: Dr. Brainerd, Patrick Whalen, Kristin Muller, Ann Versteeg, Erin Redmon, Jennifer Roberts, Melanie Martin, Chara Chamie, Dana Karibian, Cathy White, Dr. Walsh
Front Row: Valerie Miranda, Jayni Parikh, Tina Wu, Antony Hazel, Kim Brown


Valerie F. Reyna, Ph.D. is the Director of the Informatics and Decision-Making Laboratory in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona and is also Director of the Division of Learning, Technology, and Assessment of the Arizona Research Laboratories. She earned her bachelor’s degree in three years from Clark University, graduating summa cum laude in 1976. She received her doctoral degree from Rockefeller University in 1981 in Psychology. She has held faculty appointments at the University of Texas and at Stanford University, and has published over 80 articles and books on such topics as the psychology of reasoning and the decision-making and false memories in children and adults. Dr. Reyna has received numerous awards and distinctions, including election to the fellowship status in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Psychological Society, and the American Psychological Association. She has also received awards for teaching, among these, selection as a University of Arizona Faculty Fellow. She has served in national, state, and local organizations, including current appointments to a National Institutes of Health study section, APA Dissertation Awards Committee, and the editorial boards of such journals as Medical Decision Making and Child Development. She has also held leadership positions in several organizations dedicated to equal opportunity for women and minorities, including the Arizona Association for Chicanos in Higher Education, Association of Women Faculty, Hispanic-Jewish Dialogue, and the Hispanic Professionals Action Committee. Currently, she is Professor of Surgery and Medicine at University of Arizona’s Health Sciences Center, and is conducting research on the psychology of medical judgment and decision-making. Dr. Reyna is also involved in the National Institutes of Health sponsored grant, "Arizona Hispanic Center of Excellence," and the U.S. Department of Commerce sponsored grant, "Education, Culture, and Lifelong Learning: The Pascua-Yaqui Connection."
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Research Specialist

Kristin Poirier

Assistant to the Director

Bonnie Bell

Assistant to the Director

Sarah Carter

IDML Staff
Back Row: Valerie F. Reyna, Wendy Merigold, Tom Kyler, Ian McDaniel, Farrell Lloyd, Jacob Hall, John Holman
Front Row: Tina Wu. Chara Chamie, Tracy Crawley, Sonia Santa Cruz, Kate Morrissey, Robin Parker, Le Hua

Current Lab Staff

Keith Almaria, Research Assistant
Rachel Brownstein, Research Assistant
Michelle Byers, Research Assistant
Sarah Carter, Research Assistant
Sonia Fankem, Graduate Assistant
Eswen Fava, Research Assistant
Preet Ghuman, Research Assistant
Sarju Govani, Research Assistant
M'Liss Hadley, Research Assistant
Jessica Haley, Research Assistant
Dana Karibian, Research Assistant
Kristen Jacobs, Research Assistant
Ramkumar Krishnamurthy, Graduate Assistant
Brittany Ladrech, Research Assistant
Kirsten Metz, Research Assistant
Valerie Miranda, M.D./Ph.D. Student
Kira Moore-Rendon, Project Coordinator
Kristin Poirier, Project Coordinator
Steve Nelson, Technical Advisor
Eleanor Olvey, Senior Research Assistant, Pharm.D Student
Jayni Parikh, Senior Research Assistant
Mandeep "Mandy" Pawar, Research Assistant
Raniero Peru, Graduate Assistant
Michael Pham, Research Assistant
Danielle Rios, Research Assistant, M.D/Ph.D student
Jennifer Roberts, Research Assistant
Walter Schoepfle, Research Assistant
Amina Shonka, Research Assistant
Justin Statt, Research Assistant
Mark Sutton, Research Assistant
Humberto Velazquez, Graduate Assistant

Former Lab Staff

Iram N. Ahmad, Research Assistant
Serife Akbogur, Research Assistant
Tomas Amador, Research Assistant
Jessica Baker, Research Assistant
Eric Balsa, Research Assistant
Rhonda Barr, Research Assistant
Stephanie Berman, Research Assistant
Becky Blake, Research Assistant
Emily Bleyl, MSW, Project Coordinator
Kim Brown, Research Assistant
Chris Campton, Research Assistant
Opher Caspi, Research Assistant
Cherissa Chacon, Research Assistant
Chara Chamie, Research Assistant   Senior Honor's Thesis
Ann Marie Contreras, Student Assistant
Brenda Cook, Research Assistant
Jane Davis, Research Assistant
Shauna Edwards, Project Coordinator
Burzin Engineer, Research Assistant
Monica Faria, Student Assistant
Adrian Ferris, Student Assistant
Tammy Forest, Student Assistant
Niki Grossman, Research Assistant
Jacob Hall, Research Assistant
Lida Hariri, Research Assistant   Senior Honor's Thesis
Ray Harwood, Technical Advisor
Antony Hazel, Senior Research Assistant   Senior Honor's Thesis
John Holman, Research Assistant
Marci Holmes, Research Assistant   Senior Honor's Thesis
Darlene Hom, Research Assistant
Le Hua, Research Assistant
Becky Hull, Research Assistant
Douglas Jacobson, MSRP Medical Student
Tom Kyler, MSRP Medical Student
Lisa Laskaris, Research Assistant
Tracy Crawley Layton, Research Assistant
Jose Leos, Student Assistant
Lin Lin, Student Assistant
Kelly Long-Stockton, Research Assistant
Kris Maloney, Research Assistant
Jaqueena Manahan, Research Assistant
Melanie Martin, Research Assistant
Carrie McAllister, Research Assistant
Ian McDaniel, Research Specialist
Wendy Merigold, Secretary/Admin
Kristine Miller, Research Assistant
Michael Miller, Research Assistant
Mike Mills, Student Assistant
Ambrocio Mojardin, Research Assistant
Kate Morrissey, Research Assistant
Linh Nguyen, Research Assistant
Robin Parker, Research Assistant
Jillian Hien Pham, Research Assistant
Vijay Pottathil, Research Assistant
Alexia Puig, NIH Student Assistant
Carrie Reed, Research Assistant   Senior Honor's Thesis
Erin Redmon, Research Assistant
Maria Romo-Chavira, Research Assistant
Sonia Santa Cruz, Student Research Assistant
Leslie Schwindt, Research Assistant
Kirsten Sellheim, Research Assistant
Laura Shakelford, Research Assistant
Brian Smith, Research Assistant
Doug Smith, Fourth-Year Medical Student
Ingo Springer, Student Assistant
Lilian Stein, Research Assistant
Wayne Sun, Research Assistant
Michelle Thornsberry, Student Assistant
Kevin Thrashner, Student Assistant
Allison Titcomb, Student Assistant
Ann Versteeg, Research Assistant
Janet Washington, Research Assistant
Patrick Whalen, Project Coordinator
Cathy White, Research Assistant   Senior Honor's Thesis
Ron Woodward, Research Assistant
Tina Wu, Research Assistant

Affiliated Faculty & Staff

Mary Adam, M.D., Dept. of Pediatrics
Joseph Alpert, M.D., Head, Dept. of Medicine
Charles J. Brainerd, Ph.D., Professor, Special Education, Rehabilitation and School Psychology, Director, Division of Learning Technology and Assessment
Donna Cochran, Administration Dept. of Surgery
Melinda Davis, Ph.D., Research Instructor Dept. of Pediatrics
Gordon Ewy, Director, Sarver Heart Center, Professor college of Medicine
Alan Hamilton, M.D., Head, Dept. of Surgery
Peggy Jacobsen, Systems Analyst, Information Systems
Janis Johnson, M.D., University Physicians Managed Care
Elizabeth Krupinski, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor Depts. of Radiology and Psyhology
Chris LaRue, Information Systems
Craig LeCroy, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work, Arizona State University
Farrell Lloyd, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P., Senior Associate Consultant Dept. of Internal Medicine, Division of Hospital Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic
Kevin McNeill, Ph.D., Dept. of Radiology
Sam Miller, CIO, Information Services
William Roeske, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Pat St. Germain, Associate Vice-President Administration and Financial Affairs
Terry Valenzuela, M.D., Emergency Medicine
Ronald Weinstein, M.D., Dept. of Pathology
Stuart Williams, Professor, Head, Biomedical Engineering
Michele Walsh, Ph.D., Specialist Evaluation Department of Psychology
Ron Wright, MD,, Resident Department of Psychiatry
Raymond Woosley, MD, PhD, U of A Vice-President AHSC, Dean College of Medicine

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